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My mission is to use my knowledge, skills and creativity to help you get your book ready for publishing.

Whether you’re an author looking to self-publish or find an agent, the process of getting your book ready for print can be daunting. There are so many aspects to think about, and co-ordinating different professionals from different teams can be stressful. I will guide you through the process of editing, proofreading, cover design, and formatting with experienced hands.

Are you ready to see your book on the shelves?

Book Editing

Using my expertise and experience as a book editor to help you craft a story that shines. All levels of editing are covered, from developmental, to copy and proofreading. I also offer a free sample edit so you can assess my work.


I create cover designs that fit in with the best of your genre but are also unique enough to catch the reader’s eye. I can also create author logos and promotional materials such as social media headers, bookmarks and business cards.


Using my knowledge of fonts and formatting to create beautiful chapter designs. Whether you’ve written a psychological crime thriller or an image-heavy cookbook, we can format to suit your needs.

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You need a developmental edit.
A developmental edit will help to provide clarity, solve any plot issues and ensure that your characters are well-rounded and realistic. Contact me for a free sample edit.

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You need a copy edit.
Copy editing will ensure that your grammar is correct, your writing is consistent, and your sentences flow well. Contact me for a free sample edit.

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You need a proofreader.
Proofreading is the final step before printing and will help to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes, missing words or duplicated words in your book/document. Contact me to talk about proofreading.

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Meet the Editor and Designer

Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m the bibliophile behind Let’s Get Booked. From reading to writing, and gaming, I am truly a lover of storytelling in all forms. I am incredibly passionate about bringing books to life, crafting manuscripts, and creating covers that reflect you and help you to succeed as an author.

Recent Cover Designs

Working with Amanda at Let’s Get Booked has been beyond perfect. Her gentle guidance and incredible knowledge has been invaluable. I was terrified of sending my book to an editor in case they wanted to change it too much, but from the very beginning, Amanda totally understood my MC’s voice and made it quite clear to me that any amendments were only suggestions. In addition, Amanda remained professional and consistently kept to the timescales we agreed. I will be sending all my work her way in future!

– Rachel Coverdale, Author

I love my book cover! I commissioned Amanda to create a cover design for my YA fantasy book and I was blown away by her creative abilities. Talented and intuitive, It was as if she could see inside my mind and delivered exactly what I was hoping for. She added thoughtful details that pertain to my book which made it all the more beautiful. I look forward to having Amanda design the covers for my future books.

– Killian Wold, Author

Let’s Get Booked was a pleasure to work with and had my manuscript ready in all required formats in no time! They communicated with me everything I needed to know and were very quick to respond to even the silliest of questions I had about the process. I cannot recommend this service highly enough!

– Alyshia Ford, Author and Travel Vlogger


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