Book Cover Design Reveal: Little Pearl by Helen Haraldsen

05 January 2019 • Filed under Book Cover Design

The Book Cover Design Process for Little Pearl

Author Helen Haraldsen approached me about a package for her middle-grade pony book, Little Pearl. Helen wanted the book edited and a new cover to match. I was delighted to work with her as I had been obsessed with pony books as a kid and spend every summer at the pony club in my local riding school.

Helen and I chatted about what type of cover design she would like. We mulled over books like Black Beauty and decided that we wanted Pearl (who was a real pony) represented on the cover. We eventually found the perfect picture of a black Fell pony and a lovely dramatic sky that goes well with a pinnacle scene in the book where Pearl proves here worth.

We went back and forth a couple of times, adding elements and taking them out, and I have to say I love the final book cover design. It’s striking and inviting. I know if I had seen this book cover designs on the shelf as a younger reader, I’d have grabbed it fast!

So here it is, the final cover design for Little Pearl. Id love to know your thoughts. Below the cover, you’ll find the blurb and more information about Helen.

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About the Story

Have you ever wanted something really badly, then got it and wished you had something else?

Amber has always felt a special bond with her favourite riding school pony, Pearl, and when her parents buy Pearl for her, she is over the moon. However, when she meets Joanne and her fiery show jumper, Flash, Amber starts to wonder if Pearl is the pony for her after all. Only in the aftermath of a terrible accident does Amber finally realise that Pearl truly is a special pony.


About Helen Haraldsen


Helen was born and raised in Cumbria, surrounded by fells, fields, and forestry.

Her adventures with ponies began back in 1990 with Little Pearl but they are still continuing now with her current herd: Maddy, Charlie, and Holly who are all just as interesting and individual as Pearl was.

Helen always loved reading, writing and drawing, especially about horses!  She even did her final GCSE artwork on horses.

Given that these were her early loves, it has come as no surprise that Helen became an English teacher and school librarian.  She still loves reading books for young people, and introducing young people to the book that turns them into a reader is one of the highlights of her job.

When she’s not riding, reading, writing or teaching, Helen can be found at home looking after a variety of dogs, hens, ducks, and geese!



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