Are you looking for an affordable editor and proofreader that produces quality results? You’ve come to the right place.

You may ask yourself why you you need an editor? You may wonder why you can’t simply rely on spellcheck and your capabilities as a writer?

After spending hours scanning your writing you’ll find it difficult to be objective. This is completely normal.
You’ll also become screen blind from reading your book repeatedly. Using Word’s spellcheck feature to find errors is risky as it is notoriously unreliable. It will correct some mistakes but not others. Spellcheck won’t always correct a word that’s used in the wrong context like ‘plane’ and ‘plain’. Spellcheck will not point out plot flaws or advise you on how to make your writing shine.

I will meticulously read through every line of your manuscript to check for:

Sentence flow
Removal of crutch words
Consistency of character and voice
Plot flaws

All changes will be made using MS Word track changes.

You will receive a copy with the changes tracked and an accepted copy. This means that you can go through all of my changes and decide whether you want to keep or discard them. I firmly believe that editing involves teamwork between the author and editor. Your writing will always be yours and my changes will always be suggestions. The final say will always be up to you.

I will happily provide sample edit for free so I can assess the level of work required and provide you with a quotation. The price will include three rounds of editing with full support via email/Whatsapp/Viber throughout the duration of the project.

A sample edit will always be complimentary so you have nothing to lose!

I am also happy to edit and proofread smaller documents such as essays, blog posts, leaflets and anything else you may have written. I have a science degree so I am comfortable with scientific and medical texts.

Why should you hire me?

By  hiring me as your editor/proofreader you will get:

Dedication: I treat every project with impeccable care and attention.

Reliability: I won’t disappear for weeks on end, leaving you wondering if your book has been abandoned.

Skill: My testimonials below speak for themselves.

I offer all levels of editing, from deep structural edits to final proofreading.

Editing and Proofreading Testimonials

Not all editors are created equal and Amanda is a true gem. She has been a true pleasure to work with. From the moment we began working together online I was immediately impressed with her level of communication. She truly understood my manuscript. Every suggestion was spot-on, only making the manuscript tighter and better along the way. I would highly recommend Amanda for any editing project and I’m excited to use her again on my next book

Selah GrayAuthor

I hired Amanda to proofread a manuscript for my client (an award winning Hollywood film director). Amanda was easy to work with, a great communicator, and because of her the project flowed with ease. I would definitely recommend working with Amanda and I will be hiring her to proofread and edit other jobs for me in the future.

Kate BattenAuthor and Publishing Coach

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Amanda on my latest release titled UnSung Heroes: Deconstructing Suicide through Stories of Triumph. She was not only highly professional and quick with her services; but created an edited version of my book that was outstanding. She is such a pleasure to work with! In addition, she took the time to market my book through her blog. This resulted in not only exposure but additional sales! There is no doubt in my mind that all of my future publications will be edited by Amanda!

Amanda is a true professional with editing. Her work ethics, communication and professionalism is the best. She is organized, and does a stunning job of editing while not changing the person’s story! She is a great team player.

Kim B SmithAuthor and Life Coach

My debut novel Fox Halt Farm has been a massive undertaking for me. I haven’t written for years and when the characters and ideas came into my head early this year, I was determined I had to write my novel. I have invested hundred of hours in it whilst trying to work full time, and it has been a massive mental and financial outlay. Amanda has been the best thing to happen to me on this journey. She has answered every one of my communications promptly and in full (so unusual today where everyone is inundated with emails and may not reply, or half read a question and provide half a response). She has been professional and kind in all her comments about my writing. Amanda opened my eyes to so many things that were wrong with my original manuscript. She confirmed my doubts about the parts I wasn’t sure of and provided appropriate and well thought out solutions. She has been there in every moment of my self doubt. I was kept informed about how she was progressing. And even with the massive amount of rewriting, she has stuck to the very fair price she originally quoted for editing. I feel like I have been on a creative writing course ( not a day long one either – I mean an eight week course!) All the tips and advice she gave me about writing were so useful and spot on. So would I recommend Amanda? – Yes – I think you will struggle to find anyone better! Thank you Amanda you are a shining star.

Celia MooreAuthor

I want to thank Amanda for the extraordinary benevolent influence that she has been in editing my novel. She is one of those rare people who sticks to their word and cost even though this book was quite an undertaking. Amanda took what was basically a mess of unexplained ideas and turned it into a smooth flowing novel.
I rarely band words like ‘excellent’ around, but the experience could not have been better, please remember me when you are inundated with work because you are my editor now!
Thanks for making my 34-year-old story relevant, so many people would have given up with such a workload, but that’s an indication of the true professional that you are.

Charlie PurpleAuthor

Amanda was the editor on the book I published, Obstacles Equal Opportunity with 23 co-authors.
Her interactions and effectiveness to work with each author were seamless. The editing was immaculate and professional.
Her dedication to our project was amazing, therefore nothing fell through the cracks. Her attention to detail is bar none.
Her communication style with the co-authors was open and relaxed and she kept me abreast of updates and changes.
This project went flawlessly with Amanda on our team. I would working with Amanda if you looking for an editor.
She is apart of my publishing team moving forward.

Heather AndrewsPublisher and Author

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Amanda on my latest release titled UnSung Heroes: Deconstructing Suicide Through Stories of Triumph. She was not only highly professional and quick with her services; but created an edited version of my book that was outstanding. She is such a pleasure to work with! In addition, she took the time to market my book through her blog. This resulted in not only exposure but additional sales! There is no doubt in my mind that all of my future publications will be edited by Amanda!

Kristie KnightsPublisher and Author

I have just worked with Amanda on my first children’s book. I took a full package of front cover design, editing, proofreading and formatting and was very happy with the excellent service I received and the price I paid. Amanda is very responsive to messages and always gave a very positive response to my questions and suggestions. The editing process was far more enjoyable than I anticipated as it was more like a conversation. Amanda really helped with her constructive comments and suggestions, and her input was invaluable in making the book exactly what I set out to create.

I also had a very clear idea of what I wanted the front cover to look like and Amanda produced a cover that was exactly what I had in mind. She also produced designs for roller banners and website banners, using the front cover design.

I’ve been so impressed, I’ve got my next two books booked in already!

Helen HaraldsenAuthorHelen’s Facebook Page

My publisher put me in touch with Amanda as I needed someone who would not only act as an editor but as a critical friend to take my writing to the next level. Her eye for detail is impressive and she tells it like it is, ensuring that the finished article is the best it can be. Always at the end of an email, Amanda gave advice on any sections or chapters I sent.
I look forward to working with her again

Sarah SmithAuthor

Recently I was fortunate enough to be put in touch with Amanda relating to the editing of my latest book. I found Amanda to be a fantastic person to work with. She not only performed a thorough polish of my work but also picked out odd sections that were in need of finer crafting. What I particularly liked was how she offered alternative ways of telling the same story through minor rewrites or addition or deletion of certain text. Amanda is dedicated to obtaining the best outcome, and her clear and precise advice is what every writer can only wish for from an editor. I recommend her services without hesitation.

Darla HoganAuthor

Amanda provides a thoughtful, sensitive and exacting edit. She made excellent suggestions and picked out the smallest errors, that would have otherwise slipped through unnoticed.
I heartily recommend to everyone who publishes their work.

Karen LongAuthor

Amanda was the copyeditor on my book Proximity.  Throughout the process, her communication and responsiveness were excellent.

She really helped sharpen up the prose, and caught issues with characterisation, repetition, and pace, yet her editorial ‘touch’ with collaborative and questioning rather than directive. Her service is made all the better by including multiple passes so that changes are checked as well.

Jem TugwellAuthorJem’s Website

Amanda was absolutely fantastic! After having a bad experience with a previous editor I was nervous about trusting someone else with my baby (and my money) but Amanda really was a true professional. She took my message and questionable grammar in her stride and helped me construct a story which reads so much more beautifully. Amanda was fast, efficient and made sure at all times that I was 100% happy with the process and final product! I cannot thank her enough, it was an absolute pleasure!

Alyshia Ford (Psychotraveller)Author and Travel Vlogger

Writing a book while living with anxiety was easy. It allowed me to escape from my own mind and into a world I alone controlled and allowed me to explore things I never had the courage to without dealing with any of the consequence. Allowing people to read it was more difficult. But sending that book out into the world, well that might have been- and continues to be- the scariest thing I could ever imagine.

Amanda understood that. Actually she more than understood; she embraced it. I could send her messages constantly- which I think I did- and she’d answered them all while telling me not to apologize for how many questions I was posing. My mind could be screaming about ten different unrelated things but just seeing a reply from her about one, calmed me.

After working with her this summer, I couldn’t recommend her higher than I do and I am genuinely sad to not have that calming now that we are done.

Elisa DonahueAuthor

It was a pleasure to work with Amanda on my first novel for children, ‘The Adventurers and The Cursed Castle’. Amanda’s feedback was extremely valuable in spotting further opportunities for character development as well as improving the overall quality of writing. Her sharp attention to detail is impressive when combined with the fast pace at which she works. On a personal level, writing can feel quite isolating and Amanda’s supportive and friendly nature and passion for partnering with authors really enhanced the experience of publishing my first book. I look forward to working with Let’s Get Booked again soon and wholeheartedly recommend Amanda and the team.

Jemma HattAuthor